Defending Nentir Vale

The Beginning - Kobold Hall pt. 1

In which the characters outwit a talking statue of Tiamat, play a game of Skull-Skull, and outwit a young ice dragon.

Ouran the dragonborn fighter, Eleana the eladrin rogue, and Jigsaw the tiefling wizard set out from Fallcrest, following some fresh kobold tracks in the mud after a raid on one of the near farms. They followed the tracks for about fifteen miles out of Fallcrest into the wilderness before finding a sprawling manor that looked like it fell down – Kobold Hall. After a quick search of the keep, they found a trapdoor at the base of an old guard tower. It lead down into the darkness beneath the ruins.

After carefully advancing down the stairs, the party found themselves in a room dominated with a long trench filled with a glowing green substance. Beyond the trench, a small reptilian humanoid stood in a shadowy chamber, gaping at them. It carried a sling, and quickly reaching into a pouch at its belt for a stone. Then it hissed and shouted, “Intrudersss! Intrudersss!”

Another two kobolds swarmed out of the chamber beyond and quickly scrambled around the trench to attack the party. Doran moved to meet one of them, bull rushing him into the pit of green sludge with a mighty hit from his shield. Meanwhile, the wizard Jigsaw and the rogue Eleana were busy dealing with another three kobolds, two of whom had poured out of a portcullis to the east. Eleana stepped into the feywild to get behind her enemies, but they quickly set up a flanking position around her. Meanwhile, Jigsaw rained magical missiles both on the foes attacking Eleana and the slinger across the pit, who was shooting at many members of the party.

After the kobold Doran was facing succesfully climbed out of the pit, the dragonborn decapitated him with another swipe from his longsword. After the slinger was similarly dispatched, Doran closed the distance to help out Eleana with the last couple kobolds. They couldn’t hold up against the combined force, and, after a short rest, went deeper into the dungeon.

As they moved into the next room, they saw that there were four stone coffins, all of which showed signs of vandalism and abuse. To the left was a series of six inches, set apart into two groups of three. Two more niches along the walls each held a suit of armor. On the opposite end of the room was a raised section of floor with a makeshift altar to Tiamat set atop it. Three kobolds carrying spears stood in front of the altar.

The eladrin rogue crept silently towards the platform where the kobolds and altar stood. However, she didn’t make it far before a pressure plate clicked under her foot. A trap! A dart fired from the visor of one of the suits of armor, embedding itself in Eleana’s shoulder. The poison contained within quickly went into effect, and the eladrin was immobilized. Thinking he had it beaten, Jigsaw crept on the opposite side of the room, but quickly ran into another dart trap there. Duran, the only remaining uninjured member, crawled, using the coffins for cover. Because the kobolds were afraid of the traps themselves, all three members of the group managed to make it through relatively unscathed.

Cutting through the feywild once again, Eleana managed to make it up to the elevated platform where



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